Art often surprises with the appearance of new styles, striving not only to give the world beautiful creations, but also to amaze with novelty. Artists who create in the style of energetics seek to lay a spiritual connotation in their works, focused not only on visual perception. As a rule, this trend in modern painting is associated with the name of the American artist-impressionist Julia Watkins (Julia Watkins). Most people today are visuals, that is, those who perceive most of the information about the world with their eyesight.

Can painting possess spiritual power, acting not only on the leading channel of perception – vision? Creators working in the style of energy, believe that yes. SocalCityKids is a website that helps you understand this more. An unusual combination of color and shape, bright colors that are not characteristic of the real world are the distinctive features of energy. In order to perceive the philosophy inherent in the paintings of the creators of this direction, it is necessary to contemplate their work for some time. Impressionist artist Julia Watkins, while drawing, tries to show how the invisible energy permeates everything around her.

The need to create paintings that visualize energy was inspired by Julia an unusual dream in which she flew over a mountain lake. The artist called her first picture “The First Dream”. Since then, Julia has gained recognition by winning awards at the Gold Coast Art Show 2010, Masters 2009, the 1991 Neo-Con show and numerous solo exhibitions. The artist herself believes that her task is broader than creating pictures: “The purpose of my work is to increase human consciousness and help people connect with the universal flow of energy. My art serves as a catalyst for this compound.

Each of my paintings is filled with spiritual energy. I have explained in more detail at for all my artworks and what inspired me to paint all that. The energy of the Path to the light is the universal meditative, spiritual part of the vortex, which helps either find your own path of spiritual growth, or clears the path to advance to the next plane of consciousness. ” According to Julia, the contemplation of her paintings can be a kind of therapy for spiritual purification, self-knowledge, the awakening of intuition, and stress relief. Whether this is true, anyone can check for himself by looking at the artist’s paintings. Be that as it may, the methodology was adopted by psychotherapists. One of the new areas of work with such painting is a kind of “portrait session” created by psychotherapists during a conversation with a client.

Examining the client’s problems from different angles, the therapist transforms the drawing in the same way, adding new details. We are, of course, talking about abstract painting, created from lines and color spots. It often turns out that disparate lines at the end of the session add up to the completed composition. Such paintings are also called energy, as they are designed to harmonize the state of the client and help him find an internal solution to urgent problems.

For some, this method is more comfortable than the traditional one, allowing you to connect an unexpected (and usually not used) channel of perception to the solution of the problem – vision. Another technique in psychotherapy using energy paintings is to create them by the clients themselves. Drawing skills are not required to comprehend your inner self. All that is needed is just to start drawing, not trying to think over the plot, not evaluating the drawn, but surrendering to the process, allowing yourself to create without mind control. Materials for creativity can be any, according to the choice of the client – the main thing is that no one distracts in the process. You can use relaxing music to dive.

To tune in, you can also first draw with your eyes closed and, when the mind calms down, open your eyes and begin to do everything that asks for paper, trusting more in the inner sense of beauty and intuition. You can arbitrarily skeptical about the technique itself and the fact that the paintings carry a certain spiritual content.

However, one cannot fail to admit that such a way of harmonizing personality, distracting from problems and avoiding stress is no worse than usual hobbies. And for those who love everything unusual and not alien to experiments, it can be an interesting discovery of new opportunities in themselves.

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