Two postcrosser girls presented a unique collection of postcard reproductions of paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir at an exhibition in Vitebsk, BelTA has learned. The exhibition of postcards “Artist of Happiness” opened today in the Vitebsk Regional Museum of Local Lore on the 175th anniversary of the birth of the French impressionist artist. The exhibits were provided by philokartist collectors Elena Irmos from Vitebsk and Alena Yasko from Minsk. Citizens and guests of Vitebsk can get acquainted with the work of the artist, whose paintings are filled with warmth and light, an inexhaustible love of life.
The exhibition features 286 postcards, reproductions, mainly after the war.

But there is also a unique instance: the pre-revolutionary card of Lapin publishing house. “Renoir’s work in my life appeared by chance. Leafing through the World Book Encyclopedia for a university report, I saw a reproduction of the painting “On the Terrace”. She struck me: she had never seen such a colorful, vibrant, warm work! – says Elena Irmos. – I was carried away by impressionism, and the impression led to a serious passion. She began looking for postcards with reproductions of Renoir and Claude Monet. This was helped by postcrossing – an international project for the exchange of postcards.

Soon I met journalist Alena Yasko, my hobby colleague. She helped me become a philocartist and even more inspired to further replenish the collection, which already has 350 postcards with reproductions of Renoir and Monet. ” The idea to organize an exhibition of postcards for girls was a long time ago, and the famous Vitebsk local historian and philocartist Arkady Podlipsky helped to realize it. According to him, collecting in Belarus is not going through the best of times, and therefore it is so nice to see young people in the ranks of enthusiasts.

And what Elena Irmos and Alena Yasko did is generally close to a feat, since their collections can be replenished only by mail, correspondence. After all, all the cards are from foreign publishers. As noted by Alena Yasko, who was contacted by phone at the opening of the exhibition, some foreign postcrossers, seeing the exceptional enthusiasm and amazing results of collectors, volunteered to help and even buy rare sets for their Belarusian colleagues.