The Vitebsk city department of the Investigative Committee investigated a criminal case on charges of a 23-year-old native of Senno, who founded and coordinated the work of the do-it-yourself charitable project, the press service of the UK reports. The young man is tried for theft.

The last few years he lived in Minsk, from the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2016 he was engaged in activities related to false charity. He created several sites on the Internet, where he posted information on charitable projects. On behalf of the organization, “Do Good” sent letters to various e-mail addresses of organizations asking for sponsorship for orphans.

Signed with fictitious female names. If the letter found a response, the young man sent an electronic version of the contract and informed in a new letter that he had sent the original document with signatures by mail. Compassionate people, as well as organizations, transferred financial assistance to the specified current account, but they did not receive the contract and report on the expenditure of funds. The recipient withdrew the money and disposed of it at its discretion.

The victims tried to contact representatives of the volunteer organization, but did not receive answers to either emails or calls. The young man was charged with 384 facts of criminal activity against 175 victims.

The amount of damage is over 25 thousand rubles. Investigators interrogated some of the victims, witnesses, examined computer equipment and mobile communications, and ordered the necessary examinations. The police establish additional facts of the illegal activity of the accused in electronic payments on the Internet.